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Stop the hurt. Choose love.


Choose Love

KIWK is a federally incorpoated, grass-roots organization. KIWK believes that through education and awareness, our children and youth are able to learn empathy and compassion, which will in turn pave the way for social change and a brighter future for the next generations to come in our schools and communities.The mission of Kill It With Kindness (KIWK) is to help stop bullying on all levels in all communities with advocacy, conflict resolution and education. Our hope at KIWK is to inspire positive attitudes and actions of kindness and respect towards ALL people, while developing a deeper awareness and understanding of all the different forms of bullying.

One way that KIWK has been changing our communities around the globe into more of a positive one is through The Friendship Bench Project Canada.

KIWK are the first ones to introduce this into Canada and have been creating and donating this program to schools and community centers since 2012.

The Friendship Bench provides a powerful message. A message that is continuously made through positive interaction. The Friendship Bench is an interactive tool that symbolizes a safe zone to be able to express their feelings through communication. If it is to help someone or if someone needs the help themselves. KIWK has created a program for the children/youth in the schools/community centre to give them the opportunity to learn and educate themselves on the equality of all people and to be able to help understand their own emotions and others.

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KIWK  is a volunteered Not-For-Profit that is done with our hearts to help see a change in how our young people develop into adults with teachings of compassion, acceptance, kindness, understanding, respect & love.

In the Community

KIWK also adds their yearly Random Acts of Kindness events since 2012 which is also a big part of world change. We have passion for helping, for giving and supporting. It is part of who we are. Helping one another, however you choose to do so and to have an impact not only on yourself but someone else’s  life is a huge part of what KIWK represents.

Through our amazing supporters in registering for our fundraisers and our Friendship Bench Project  Canada and our Random Acts of Kindness we are able to create a powerful movement for social change. We have had amazing support and contributions through Corporate Sponsors and exceptional School Boards and City Officials to help spread the importance on how we need to come together.

KIWK has grown with leaps and bounds since 2012 and will continue to grow and pave the way for a better future through our advocacy for a kinder world. Kindness does matter.
The legacy begins.
Stop the hurt.Choose love.

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