Corporate Sponsorship

“For it is in giving that we receive.” ― Francis of Assisi

Corporate Sponsorship Proposal

friendshipsKill It With Kindness is a Nationally Incorporated Anti-Bullying Not-for-Profit Organization. We have been growing with leaps and bounds since November of 2012. The mission of Kill It With Kindness is to stop bullying on all levels and in all communities with advocacy, conflict resolution and education. Our hope is to inspire positively conscientious attitudes and actions of kindness and respect towards ALL people, while developing a deeper awareness and understanding of all forms of bullying. Through research we are able to better understand thought provoking tactics to help eradicate all forms of bullying. Our main focus is an initiative called The Friendship Bench Project Canada.

The Friendship Bench is a powerful symbol of anti-bullying and represents a safe zone for children and teens to congregate when they are in need of kindness. The Friendship Bench acts as a tool for children/teens who don’t necessarily have the voice to speak up about someone bullying them. Therefore, children/teens will sit on the bench and to alert teachers, staff, volunteers or even another child/teen that they are in need of assistance. They may even just need someone to talk to or simply just a friend. The Friendship Bench represents and will teach our children and teens compassion, support, understanding, empathy and love for all human beings.

friendshipKidsWe have been approved by the City of Toronto. We unveiled our inaugural Friendship Bench in July 2013 at Edithvale Community Centre. A great day for everyone involved!

Another partnership that has been developed is with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) who also gave Kill It With Kindness the green light for our initiative The Friendship Bench Project Canada which allows Kill It With Kindness to donate Friendship Benches to all schools across Toronto. As well as The Upper Grand District School Board has come forward to accept our initiative in their region which covers City of Guelph and Dufferin and Wellington County to have our Friendship Benches placed in their schools.  To date, we have now donated to 7 other school boards and growing! KIWK began donating in the U.S.A tin 2014 with many more requests for The Friendship Bench to be placed.

We are also in partnership with by The City of Toronto Culture Department for partnership for their Inaugural “Cultural Hotspot” for 2014 which celebrates community, culture and creativity. With a grouped effort we have created a Spoken Word Program for children to express themselves through poetry. The City of Toronto Culture department would like The Friendship Bench to be the heart of all their planned programs for 2014.

KIWK has also had the honour of guest speaking with Barbara Hall, Human Rights Comissionor of the launch of an Anti-Bullying Kit, C.U.R.B.with resources for all teachers in the Upper Grand District that was spearheaded by Laurie Garbutt.

KIWK has also partnered with The Toronto Police Department, Community Liaison Department to provide The Friendship Bench in communities for a positive impact for children and youth. KIWK donated a Friendship Bench in honour of Chief Bill Blair in 2014.

donationsWe would like to continue donating The Friendship Bench to schools and community centres all across the globe. In doing that, we will need your help to keep up with the demand for our benches that increases with each month.

Kill It With Kindness is asking for a $1500 donation to go towards a Friendship Bench that will pay it foward to the next school in your community. Along with your bench and choice of location for donation, will be a hand crafted heart shaped brass coloured plaque showcasing the preferred name and donation as well as delivery. KIWK provides an interactive 45 minute assembly unveiling The Friendship Bench. KIWK has customized a program that goes with the initiative to have a better impact for the school/community.

Your support will also allow Kill It With Kindness to continue its planning process for future incentives to incorporate with The Friendship Bench Project Canada. These incentives will include assembly style presentations of The Friendship Bench alongside educational demonstrations that enable students and participants alike to develop valuable life skills, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.

We are pleased to further discuss any other questions with you via email, phone or in person.