PRIDE – Toronto, ON

Posted Thursday January 01, 2015 by Kyla Prosser

PRIDE – Toronto, ON
Toronto Pride, a 10-day festival of joy and celebration, one event stands out as a powerful reminder that the struggle for acceptance and rights for the LGBTQ community remains a work in progress.


Pride Week in Toronto is one of Canada’s premier arts and cultural festivals and one of the largest Pride celebrations in the world. Together with thousands of individuals, community groups, businesses and participating sponsors, we are proud to celebrate the lives and stories of Toronto’s Queer Communities.

Pride Week features 10 days of world class arts and cultural programming, community activities, one of the world’s largest street festivals, Pride Parade, Dyke March, Trans Pride,  Family programming, Blockorama, Fruit Loopz youth program and much more.

Ending off the celebration with PARADE DAY of everyone around the world uniting with the same reason. LOVE.

KIWK video captures the LOVE & SUPPORT of everyone during this celebration. We are proud to be huge supporters of PRIDE Toronto and will continue to do so every year! Thank you for supporting The Friendship Bench Project as it will make a difference in our communities and schools!

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